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PE Blow Mould
PE Mould 2 Cavity
6 Cavity Blow Mould
Semi Automatic Blow Machine 2 Cavity
○Adopt the new type double bend arm and four pull rod-clamping structure(won the patent).cross direction;middle mould board is move parallel;the distance between two mold board is adjusted by the chain wheel,Thus,the clamping force is very strong. ○The machine frame is produced by the whole complete casting bottom,so that the machine are firm and running stable.○Adopt the straight slide way,reduce the friction and lengthen the life of the machine.○Double start working button,which is designed for avoiding the injury.○Power saving design that can increase your profits.○The single direction of pre-from placing and bottle picking,which increase the output.○Segregate type air controlling system,which is designed for avoiding waste pollution.○The stretching air cylinder is adjusted parallel from front to back,from left to right freely by regulator. Technical Specifications General Information LG3L LG3L-2C LG-6L LG20L LG1L-2C LG3LR-2C Heating capacity 1500 pcs/hr 2000pcs/hr 1000pcs/hr 450pcs/hr 1000pcs/hr 120pcs/hr 1500pcs/hr 1300pcs/hr Theoretial output 3.5kw 15kw 12kw 30kw 35kw 15kw Max bottle volume 2L(1出2) 2.0L(1出2) 4.0L(1出1) 8L(1出1)3L(1出2) 30L 1.5L(1出2) 1.5L(1出2) Blowing pressure ≤3.0Mpa ≤3.5Mpa ≤3.5Mpa ≤3.5Mpa ≤3.0Mpa ≤3.5Mpa Motion pressure ≤1.0Mpa ≤1.0Mpa ≤1.0Mpa ≤1.0Mpa ≤1.0Mpa ≤1.0Mpa Max diameter×height Φ140×H340mm Φ140×H340mm Φ180×H370mm Φ280×H450mm Φ90×H320mm Φ90×H320mm Mould thickness 120-220mm 120-220mm 160-260mm 300-400mm 120-220mm 120-220mm Weight 700kg 1500kg 1000kg 1500kg 1500kg 1500kg Main machine 1400×600×1600mm 1400×600×1600mm×2 1700×600×1700mm 2200×700×2250mm 1400×600×1700mm×2 1400×600×1700mm×2 Heater 880×520×900mm 2000×600×1450mm 2000×650×1450mm 2200×700×1700×mm 4500×600×1700mm 2000×680×1450mm
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